Not that we *need* more reasons to drink beer, but the next time someone asks you why you're drinking beer, use one of these handy facts!

And don't forget to join us November 4th at the 2017 Beer & Spirits Festival!

1. Beer can make you happy

Researchers at the University Hospital in Basel Switzerland have found evidence that drinking beer does in face make you friendlier and happier.  Lead researcher and head of psychopharmacology at the University hospital says, “ drinking a glass of beer helps people see happy faces faster, and enhances concern for positive emotional situations”… Knew it.

2. Beer Can Teach You Important Life Skills

Such skills will come in handy when you are trying to fit in on your winter vacation.  There may be other factors that will give you away, but hey, at least you won’t sound like and idiot ordering a beer….

3. Beer Could Save You From Kidney Stones

Amazingly, Finnish researchers have found that beer drinkers are 40% less likely to have kidney stones than those poor non-drinking fools.

4. It Can Help You Sleep

Beer contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, two ingredients that make a great   “help me sleep sandwich.”

5. You Will Have Enough Cans and Bottles to Make This

Just think about how cool you will look rolling up to the Beer and Spirits Festival in this bad boy.

6. It Could Make You Feel and Look Younger

Beer contains hops, barley, and yeast. All of these ingredients contain anti-aging compounds. Beer also contains good amounts of vitamins, like vitamin E which is a powerful anti-oxidant that promotes healthy skin and slows down aging.

7. Because Beer Has Been Around Forever

Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars reveal that beer was produced about 7,000 years ago in what is today Iran.

8. Because it’s Beer…. Enough Said